Friday, April 10, 2009

Whoever said tragedies were nothing but an exaggeration of subtly ridiculous woes in the really-real world, need to break out of their glass-bottomed boats and take a nose-dive in the really-real slime-pool!
Tragedy is in the REAL.
I mean, what could be more tragic than the fact that i wear an XL and my boyfriend wears a L...???
(That's the size of our JU t-shirts. What were you thinking, you bunch of smelly socks????)


Pongy Papaya said...

jab baba! ami kintu t-shirt e bhebechilam

Shayeari said...

then my friend, you are a happy exception!

Anurag Mazumdar said...

hey....ur revealin my vital stats!!ashobhbho!!