Thursday, April 9, 2009


Dreams can be real shockers. (pleasant or pungent, is highly speculative.)

back from the Mumbai trip, i was rejoicing at the sudden magnanimity of my Fate which seemed to have (finally) shaken all blankets of cynicism and sadism off its shoulders and dived into my pitiable cause. so, i did rejoice- this had got to be the mother of all joys, travelling to another land with a single backpack on me, and freedom blasting through my ears! and of course, with the perfect bunch of fellow-travellers!

i swore to myself that given a chance, i wouldn't\couldn't have been any happier...100% unadulterated bliss!

but, whoa! the DREAM!

and there i was, preparing for another trip, stuffing my bag vigourously...yes, vigourously, almost with animal-fervour! the strange thing about dreams is that, (and i forbid Mr.Freud or Mr.Lacan from ruining my wonderstruck musings) you can almost feel the texture and depth of know what is happening in your heart, to your heart. there are times when you feel pangs of fear, stabs of pain, jolts of excitement...and wonder of all wonders, it happens right there and then- in your dreams!

but i deviate...(stab me with a thermometre the next time i do so.) i was this particular dream, i was preparing for a journey which seemed to be a cause for great, boundless excitement. i was almost talking to myself, (in the dream, duh!) telling myself how fulfilling this journey would be. and finally, it lay revealed before my inward eye (that's what you call the dreaming eye, right?) that i was to embark upon a journey with my school friends! those long-lost folks who had once been my world.

wow! i said to myself when i woke up. life does have an assertive way of reminding you what had once been good, and also, indispensible.

i mean, through no fault of their own, not a single college-mate of mine knows the real 'Me'. i have sheilded myself off, i know that within my heart..and why not? i just don't feel that alive anymore...(and that's a cause for worry, right?!)

aah! those were the days! (now i know why this statement has become a cliche!)

what NOT had we done?

and at the end of it all, we remained a bunch that was still alien language to many....and didn't that please us so?!!!

u do not have time-turners in the real world. the real world is just that- shamelessly on-your-face REAL. you got to go on with the wheels, chugging along, speeding up, halting...all in perfect unision with the damned rusty spheres.

but dreams...well, they are of some other making. so we have an equally surrealistic name for them, see!

and thank you whoever for making dreams a reality in this tiringly real world.

it would do for this life.

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Anurag Mazumdar said...

but u cnt deny blissful reality sometimes!!can u!!