Thursday, April 9, 2009


A bug akin to Madame Conscience has been tormenting me since the day i coronated this blog with the title- besh korechi!

so, this very post should be my confession-box (of sorts)-

the title 'besh korechi!' sounds too strong for my appetite. look, let's be frank (to the self, it should not be that tedious a task) - for someone who intends to spend the better half of her (scatological) life (through, of course, no desirious desire of her own) with a 'De-Pend-All M' by the bedside, it would not be wise to undertake such a momentous task . such is the tragic Fate as i see it unfold before me with amazing grace....One can not complain, a flush is all it takes to conceal the 'secret' forever...from bowel to bowl. Amen.

so, coming back to the point- i might have issued a few mis-directed arrows with my rebellious title. Besh korechi??? "But what have i done??", asks my innocent little gut. i can not betray its faith. i am more or less, a chicken- the kind that are so born with nothing much to alter. yes, i do speak up when wrong things happen, (and again, 'wrong' is a dangerously subjective word) but alas! not much happens (has happened in the recent geological past or would happen in the far future) that has given the chicken an occasion to shout out to the world, walls..whatever- "besh korechi!!!"

so, why raise the bars??

dramatic yawns and intentional rolling of eyes would break my fragile cut-glass little heart....

and my blog has suffered enough to last it a lifetime...(see what an insatiable greed for immortality does to you!)

thus, let the title be.

let it file its nails, take a hot bath, walk the ramp...whatever.

we would proceed with our matters of mock-immediacy...right???



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bere bolecho chokra...thuri chokri!besh korecho!!

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