Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A thousand bows of gratitude to the Benevolent Administrator above, who, by the grace of his divine blessings, brought back my accursed blog from the diabolical fangs of Death....
Oh! What terrible seizures of dismay i survived when upon the opening of my blog page, lo and behold! there was no blog! And there my screen grinned back in malevolent black- This blog has been deleted! I could glimpse snathes of the Fortune's Wheel, tipping me over, ever so gently, while it continued in its rythymic revolutions, in tune with my palpitating heart!
But now, a thousand coconuts will i break open at your altar, The Holy One; the oil distilled from it, will i wash my tainted blog in, resurrect it from the clutches of the deadly Shadow, embellish it with a thousand moonstones and sandstones, (rings ofcourse!) and last but not the least, never venture to gaze upon its bewitching, captivating, beauteous countenance, without having lighted a thousand vanilla-scented incense-sticks and muttered under my breath, a thousand prayers of deliverance....
So there!....Now come and harm me, you Wretch of the Underworld!
I fear not You, or a powercut, or a cheeky virus....for the Lord is with me, and i shall not want.
A-men.....(and for all you heathens, thats not a racial slang.)

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Anurag Mazumdar said...

thank mr. bill gates...for gods sake