Friday, May 22, 2009

in times like these....bleak and blighted times, the Modernist conception of 'circularity as a paradox' weighs down the wrong way, in the wrong direction, inflicting in the soul a galling effect- you desire for the inconsequential existence of a crustacean, or the insensate flapping of a gauze curtain perhaps...anything, but this all-important life compulsively clearing its throat to attract attention!
yes, they say we complete the circle, but the agent of completion is a strikingly (and in my case, revoltingly!) different man....Experience they call it too, but for me, its a fine heady concoction of a pint each of sarcasm, cynicism, pseudo-benevolence and stoicism...and, bottoms up! down flows in gushes, cascading life....
so i choose to see it, a futile and ridiculous exercise...for, what is it? huh??!
the feeling of deja vu is all that's left to strike....but will strike you nonetheless, as you rest your head on the chopping-board and in all your intellectual finery, pursue the all-too-silly act of imitating the chicken...yes! then it would strike!

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Anurag Mazumdar said...

chicken soup for the soul....ahem for the experienced soul,is it?!